Letter to Love

“Seems I want you the most.

Checking every corner,
every crevice.
Every flashing sign,
every creative mind.

Come across so much eye candy,
so much soul food,
but I’m still starving for something true.

Love I crave you;
you’re everything I want to see,
but I refuse to have to change myself just for you to realize me.©


To these two people. 

I’ve seen you grow into humans with incredible potential. 

At first it was all about me. 10 strong years at least, and then you both rained on my parade. Back to back.

Those times are so real to me still, even until this day, and to see where you both are now. Proud doesn’t have enough definitions. 

I wasn’t sure what to do exactly, but its always been amazing to say that I am a big brother. Words can never properly describe it. Know and understand that I believe in you both tremendously and even though you never call or text I’m full of advice for you always.

Continue to thrive.

Love always,