Do I still got it?

“It’s been a minute,
but still everything’s the same.

Not even two,
maybe three things,
have changed.

the meaning of Wayne.
The sacrifices it takes to truly maintain.

Adapting this mainframe with jackhammers not daisies.

Evolution is ugly,
it is the definition of change.
or losing,
to the benefit of our brain.”


Access and Privilege

“Simple ideas weaved into articulate webs of tyranny and injustice out of fear.
Fear born from what they saw, and the potential that it could sprout.

A system of checks and balances rooted in the small minded mentalities of the talentless. Being forced to play on the level playing field of a master of sport. That terrifies you.

Your whole superiority complex revolves around the idea that we aren’t capable.
No you’ve never seen us try.
No we’ve never had access to the tools, or even been given a chance, but that’s irrelevant to the narrative.
We are better!
Ignore the headstarts, and the tainted hearts. Shit you shouldn’t even be in this room.

Beautiful how we still found ways to make it.”©


Letter to Love

“Seems I want you the most.

Checking every corner,
every crevice.
Every flashing sign,
every creative mind.

Come across so much eye candy,
so much soul food,
but I’m still starving for something true.

Love I crave you;
you’re everything I want to see,
but I refuse to have to change myself just for you to realize me.©