Loves clever poetry challenge

One of the originals to my blogging experience msaphr invited me to try this clever, but sneakily challenging, poetry experiment.

What was the challenge?

Make a love poem. 10 lines. Each line must be 4 words long. Those lines must contain the word love. Then at the end of the poem, include a favorite quote about love.

Now I am throwing this challenge to some of my fellow writers and bloggers. I’m curious to see how you will interpret this friendly challenge in your own simply complex way.

23 thoughts on “Loves clever poetry challenge

    1. Oh don’t worry miss you don’t need too. I just wanted to reach out to those who have always supported me and you were one of those unlucky victims.

      What you can do for me is have an amazing day though 🙂

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      1. K'lee L.

        Really appreciate you’re thinking of me with it. I have a feeling if I didn’t jump on the challenge right away those words wouldn’t have showed up! See what you caused!

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    1. Your piece was exceptional and I’m glad you stuck it out. I know it wasn’t the easiest but what you submitted was worth the wait. God bless you and your family. Congratulations to your little one on graduating.

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