“Ugly reality of systematic formalities. Call it whatever you want, feel however you need. Label me, judge me, try to down me indeed. Act like this is the start of some pact, what you can’t do is ignore an actual fact.”


Honestly I don’t care if I lose every follower. If nobody comes to my page anymore and it drifts away into the land of web obscurity, my heart needs to speak on this.

I won’t say too much because the emotions are a little to high right now but America what the fuck. How can this be? Innocent black people getting murdered in cold blood, young and old, but this Storm guy is captured? That crazy dude shoots up the batman showing and he gets captured?

How? Why? I sound full of bloodlust I’m sure, but I need people to wake up, open those eyes. See just how meaningless black lives are too the dichotomy of America and its quest for obedience. We need to stop conforming to the whims of society, realize our true power and unite as a people. Before there is nothing left. Aspire, inspire and believe. 


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