Waynes Brain. Vol. 9

It makes me so mad that I can’t change things. In the long run someday I believe I can, but I mean right now today I don’t have the means or the funds. The world is becoming so…

There’s just no love anymore. Nobody seems to care about anything besides money. The worlds most powerful and impactful jobs shouldn’t be CEO or President of some conglomerate. Teachers, leaders within a community, people directly impacting and influencing you and me. Those are the jobs at the forefront of power, but with so much focus on money comes fewer and fewer interests.

Why preach about unity, when McDonalds in Seattle pay over $12 dollars an hour? I’m not sure why this all hurts me so much, I have no idea what my role is to play in this game of life.

But I have to keep poking, prodding, nudging and acting. Otherwise it’s over for my mental health, and with that my hopes and dreams. We need more love, more respect and appreciation. Less hearing, more listening. Less seeing and more feeling. Compassion doesn’t need to become extinct. Love doesn’t need to become letters in a box.

5 thoughts on “Waynes Brain. Vol. 9

  1. Hi Wayne – in response to the post I commented on yesterday that you took down – OK, I just read the story of what happened in Texas and now get what you were saying. It’s pretty awful and, yeah, not much of a mystery….

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    1. Yea it was too much for here so I just left it posted on Twitter and Instagram. I get caught up in the passion of the moment, and the ugliness seems to be ratcheting up each and every day. We were just talking about this the other day, and the idea of healthy seemingly focused and motivated people committing suicide over moving violations is just plain obtuse.

      I’ve had my issues with law before and sadly I’ll probably always have them so I just wanted to make sure I put it out there so my family won’t ever have to consider me actually taking my life. So the ones who love me will instantly know the truth about what is happening behind the scenes. Being outspoken apparently makes you a threat so there’s no better way then to face it head on.

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      1. There is a sickness in our society. Hopefully people becoming aware of it will help in the long run. I guess there are people who are afraid it will help, which is why being outspoken makes you a threat, at least to some….

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      2. Interesting spin on it. Pretty sure you’re onto something. Change is scary for some who knows why it’s the only thing inevitable in life. Well that and death of course. Grim but real.

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