Waynes Brain Vol. 15.

If our demons are what make us, why are we constantly trying to defeat them?

Wouldn’t that mean we’ve eliminated apart of ourselves and now aren’t the same?

Learn to channel and eventually harness that power of your darkest side. It will be apart of the force that pushes you back into the light. 

2 thoughts on “Waynes Brain Vol. 15.

  1. Ms yvette

    Demons can only be defeated by the light. They don’t like the light. Demons can’t be harnessed for anything good the darkness can only blind you from the light. Don’t be fooled.

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    1. Genuinely I do agree with you but I think we have a slight misunderstanding. I’m talking about inner demons, things that are inherently apart of us from birth.

      Not the literal idea of demonic forces. I agree with you 100% there, outside evil cannot be harnessed for good whatsoever.

      Im more talking challenging your self demons of fears and anxieties, not Satan or anything like that


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