“Lost Queen”

and kind.

Words that only begin,
your incredible rhyme.

Queen has become so cliche,
but with the impact you have,
it’s a word to stay.

The power you possess knows no bounds,
Seems no man or woman can delay your crown.

Skin as rich as the roots within,
the complexion of the gods and absent of sin.

Eyes and lips,
curves and curls,
A dream woman of this reality,
A rarity of this world.”©


“End of Iz”

“She is,
or she was,
the highlight.

It’s obvious I miss you,
but I can’t ever diss you.

Be the change you wish to see in this world Iz.
that’s what we, as humanity, need.

Sometimes the heart must accept defeat,
A one and done of mental beats.

I was fighting for my trial,
but those arrows of denial,
have finally pierced my survival.

Time to live…”©


“Triumph of Iz”

“I tried to warn you.

Once a stone heart begins to be chiseled,
only one thing can come of it.

The over whelming magic,
of genuine hope.

Belief in someone so strong,
a wanting to hear their vision so bad,
that the laws of attraction have to take action.

You sent out a frequency,
aimed directly at my being.

I saw a friendship more valuable then so many before.
A potential so powerful,
that the only thing I could do was appreciate you more and more.

But over here I will stay,
only admiring you from afar.

Accepting my fate,
with such beautiful music.”©


“Smothering the Fire”

“The passion explodes when it wants.

How, or why, it decides I’ll never understand,
but It’s the curse of my gift,
so it’s something I’ve learned to accept.

Lowering the walls,
to expose my mind can be deadly.
My character is a little overwhelming.

I wasn’t designed to be casual,
there’s no such thing as small talk in my universe.

Trust me when I say,
my fire wasn’t shown to burn you,
but the flames take some getting used to.

Embrace the warmth of my light,
so I can soothe your mental plight.”©