To these two people. 

I’ve seen you grow into humans with incredible potential. 

At first it was all about me. 10 strong years at least, and then you both rained on my parade. Back to back.

Those times are so real to me still, even until this day, and to see where you both are now. Proud doesn’t have enough definitions. 

I wasn’t sure what to do exactly, but its always been amazing to say that I am a big brother. Words can never properly describe it. Know and understand that I believe in you both tremendously and even though you never call or text I’m full of advice for you always.

Continue to thrive.

Love always,

“Sun King”

“Standing on our greenish-blue planet,
staring at the brilliant sun above.
Molded in destruction, fused by annihilation,
a billion-year-old journey of love.

Someday, many moons from now,
our vibrant sun will change.
Like us,
it too has a mortality range.

With its’ last act this desperate king,
will balloon in size,
until it can’t sustain a thing.

Leaving a white dwarf fading,
haloed by its’ former glory.
Reduced only to memories,
a once novel story.”©


Waynes Brain Vol. 16

Balance. I’m so off balance, but I’m also learning more than ever. 

Selfishly I tipped the scales back towards learning, from living. It’s had it’s consequences but overall its’ been so educational. 

Emotionally I feel pretty crappy. I was crushing hard, and let myself get crushed flat 😂. That’s life though, can’t lie I’ve found peace with it. It may be my loss, but it’s hers too. 

Spiritually I feel more alive than ever. My environments changed for the better, and it’s pushed me into a place I’ve obviously never been. A place of bigger goals, more advanced dreams. 

Physically I feel fine. I stretch, and eat as healthy as I can. Of all areas, I think this is the one I’ve been slacking on the most. The human body has so much potential and instead of constantly abusing it, I need to start giving back to it. Beyond my diet, I need to start exercising. That’s my main goal before the end of this year and I will accomplish it. 

Because why not?

“Lost Queen”

and kind.

Words that only begin,
your incredible rhyme.

Queen has become so cliche,
but with the impact you have,
it’s a word to stay.

The power you possess knows no bounds,
Seems no man or woman can delay your crown.

Skin as rich as the roots within,
the complexion of the gods and absent of sin.

Eyes and lips,
curves and curls,
A dream woman of this reality,
A rarity of this world.”©