January 18th Forever.

“Only the strongest woman alive,
can survive,
losing her mom on the same day she arrived.
Cruely you have to be stronger,
she had you wrapped in love for decades,
before she left our eyes.

I’m here to tell you,
that you are.

Eternally her star will always rise,
shining light,
on your path to thrive.

She loves you. We all do.”

Wonder Twin.

In 29 years plus a little more, I’ve never crushed so bad my head and heart hit the floor. I keep to myself, a constantly misunderstood individual. Until that faithful day you came and switched up all my rituals.

A being of endless potential and undescribable beauty. A woman of wonder, intelligence, the Che Guevara of iconic little booties.

Plain and simple I rushed it, tried to force my way into your existence, now I regret the moment I let rantionality be crushed by persistence. Plain and simple you’re everything and more. Cas I hope you won’t completely shut the door.

If you did, if you have, believe me I understand. I appreciate you and this life lesson, even if I keep wanting to try and try again. I need to say thank you, our interactions were brief but so damn powerful. I’ll never stop rooting for you in this life, regardless if I can’t call you friend or wife.