3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 3

“Self preservation is easily obtained once self belief is firmly established.”

“Our existence is a line of fantastic happenstance, which we must overcome to succeed and accomplish our dreams.”

“Find solace within your own comfort, The magic will do the rest.”

“Wisdom is impartial, without practical application.”


The quote challenge has come to an end and it’s a tad bittersweet. Over the last few days I’ve read some of the most enlightening and prophetic ideas I can remember and it has been very enjoyable. 

Again I’d like to thank Kintal and NegativeThinker for there nominations, I can’t show my appreciation enough. For the final day I’ve decided to post some of my best quotes and challenge each and everyone of you, myself included; to aspire, inspire and believe. We are all capable of changing the world. 

Saturday Musings part. 2. 

Taking what I thought was a masterpiece of literary invention. Never to be questioned or bettered she asked:

Can art be described as the communication of language? Or is it art is unspoken language?

I love it. The way she approached so nonchalantly is still sparking my brain hours later

I plan to ponder these two things for some time because they’re both awesome and inspiring. Art absolutely is communication of the mental language most often lacking, but not always, any words at all.

The mind still creates some language to describe what our eyes are seeing and the senses are feeling. We don’t stare at art statically, the entire experience is completely organic. Absorbing an almost infinite amount of data into our brains; recognizing shape and color, labeling familiar objects, deciphering depth or perspective, and creating our connections to a particular piece or series. Maybe if we are lucky we might even see what the artist was trying to express.

Art is the unspoken language of our mental expressions

It’s amazing how someone can take something you’ve wracked the mind creating and flip it into something you never even considered. Thank you WordPress for creating this link and thank you IdiotWriting for both the metaphor of your clever name plus everything else.