Access and Privilege

“Simple ideas weaved into articulate webs of tyranny and injustice out of fear.
Fear born from what they saw, and the potential that it could sprout.

A system of checks and balances rooted in the small minded mentalities of the talentless. Being forced to play on the level playing field of a master of sport. That terrifies you.

Your whole superiority complex revolves around the idea that we aren’t capable.
No you’ve never seen us try.
No we’ve never had access to the tools, or even been given a chance, but that’s irrelevant to the narrative.
We are better!
Ignore the headstarts, and the tainted hearts. Shit you shouldn’t even be in this room.

Beautiful how we still found ways to make it.”©



“Muse. Misunderstood, and lost in translation.
Technically anything,
but vibrationally so much more.

Occasionally a smell or a sight;
a moment of delight,
or suffocating fright,
but thats trivial.

The spark is nothing compared to the inspiration.
The new lands of lamentation for our mental exploration.
Bringing new sense to the idea of vacation,
because this is a sense for exploitation.©



“To the greatest lesson,
I never fought for.

You’d be 13 or 14 now.
My unseen angel.
My unspoken love.
My numb denial.

I was more important.
I always end up more important.
I hope to one day become your blessing,
since I wouldn’t let you be mine.

There’re few days,
you’re not on my mind.
Denying all the pain,
of never hearing my blood coursing thru your veins.

Daddy always loves you.”©


“Oshos’ Lessons”

“Lips flapping in the breeze,
determined to bring my world,
to its’ knees.
I successfully made my blessing,
see its’ curse.
Determined to turn the gift of us,
into the worst.

and childish,
it’s my fault,
only person to blame is myself.
I threw mountains of fire,
and rage,
at my greatest help.

Quiet now,
sitting back,
taking it all in.
Stuck questioning,
why, there’s no win in the end.”©