“Since conception humanity has been confused.
More animal than God.
Less God than plants.

Brains created by cross wiring,
Uncertain of our place in the universe,
Yet confident conquerors of our planet.

We have those who live to love,
and those who love to live.

Some who are so good it seems evil,
Other’s wearing the cape of good masking their evil.

We are such an encompassing and captivating species.
Capable of almost anything, so I sit here and ask.

What happened? What’s happening?
Why do we all seem to see,
But no one wants to hear.”©


“Mothers Mother”

“Universal synergy,
Authoring the path of humanities’ energy.

Scienctist say: What has been always was.
But our species continues to rise above.

For some it’s privilege,
and others hard work.
Either drives the powers at be berserk.

The point isn’t our species,
or monetary gain.
A materialistic reign, or a lavish domain.

We must give back to the mother of all our mothers. Mothering every mother. Every father, sister and brother.

The Earth is alive and it’s our duty to protect it.
We’ve understood too much, for too long,
and still continue to wreck it.”©


Global Warming

“As environmentalist Bill McKibben pointed out in an influential 2012 piece for Rolling Stone magazine, titled “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math,” the planet has already warmed 0.8 degrees, and the carbon dioxide we have already emitted is set to warm it another 0.8, which means that, even without burning another hydrocarbon molecule, we are three-quarters of the way to our limit.”

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It’s Amazing…

It’s amazing to me…

That we’ve built a (mostly) self sustaining ecosystem in space, but we “can not” feed the hungry.

That we’ve built a machine that accelerates particles so fast they collide, but we still can not recycle properly. 

That we’ve built trillion dollar companies, but somehow can not kill animals in a sustainable way to preserve their existence. 

That we’ve built a utopian oasis in the middle of the ocean, but the idea of planting trees to slow or stop deforestation is an alien concept. 

It’s all so amazing. Humanity never ceases to amaze…