Life Stuff

“The growth,
and development of simply:complex.
A journey of self,
A road trip of unproperly proper understanding.

A quest for knowledge,
absorbed in unlearning and learning thru experience.

Hearing the true rhythm
and not only accepting, but embracing,
the unknown.

Most importantly though,
appreciating that this adventure is coming to an end.
Loose ends are being clipped or cleaned and I’m anxious for the future.

The possibilities.
The potential of action,
combined with passion.”© 


“Today’s the Day”

“My world has been upended for the last time.
I’ll never block out love,
but it’s no longer so divine.

My present is bright,
My future glows,
It’s time to capture it all I suppose.

Been waiting,
been lazy,
been complacent,
and hazy,
but it stops now.

Not her, not you,
nobody can stop,
what I was destined to do.

Because it’s genuine and true.”©


“Case Closed”

“The last little bit,
has been clipped.

Why? How?
Guess that’s not for me to understand.
Probably as basic,
as I’m not what you want in a man.

I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for,
and thank you for properly closing the door.
God bless,
I wish you a life of no stress.

Who knows, who cares.
Clearly you don’t,
so why should I?
Obviously closure,
means nothing to you.”©