“12:58 am”

“At the right time in the wrong place.

Not sure what my issue is.
Why my head bounced off the diving board,
into the deep end.

Seems like I’m back now,
but the heart is so capable.

One instant you’re moving thru life;
train’s chugging along,
coasting thru the turns,

and then your heart shows up.

Out goes the conductor,
now your train has officially gone rouge.

Love is truly my greatest, and the greatest, inspiration.

Novels will be written about you,
your memory will never die, that’s a promise.

Until then,
never change,
I already love you how you are.”©


“Tikas Tale of Self-Actualization”

“Unsure where to start,
because starts one day end,
so over and over I’ll begin and begin.

Obsessed in her beauty,
I assumed like the rest.
Pompous and artificial,
another empty quest.

Until her first words hit me,
I saw everything I ever wanted to see.
In that exact moment,
I saw a reflection of me.

Another misunderstood creation,
of this universal station.

Deeper than senses,
worth more than the sum of their parts.”©


“To Love a Writer”

“To love a writer,
Is to accept the unconditional passion,
Of a composer of feelings and emotions.

An artist of language,
Who will echo the tales of your excellence,
thru the pages of history.
Peppering the landscape,
With stories of your mind, body and soul.

If a writer falls in love with you,
Your memory will never die.”©


“Look Beyond”

“Even the color blind see shades of grey.

The power of equality is not ignoring the obvious, it’s loving the differences.

Embracing each other as fellow members of the human experience.

We don’t need koombayah and pow wows. Only a fair and objective existence. Let actions speak louder than flesh.”©


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