Letter to Love

“Seems I want you the most.

Checking every corner,
every crevice.
Every flashing sign,
every creative mind.

Come across so much eye candy,
so much soul food,
but I’m still starving for something true.

Love I crave you;
you’re everything I want to see,
but I refuse to have to change myself just for you to realize me.©


To these two people. 

I’ve seen you grow into humans with incredible potential. 

At first it was all about me. 10 strong years at least, and then you both rained on my parade. Back to back.

Those times are so real to me still, even until this day, and to see where you both are now. Proud doesn’t have enough definitions. 

I wasn’t sure what to do exactly, but its always been amazing to say that I am a big brother. Words can never properly describe it. Know and understand that I believe in you both tremendously and even though you never call or text I’m full of advice for you always.

Continue to thrive.

Love always,

5:19am. – A Masterpiece

I thought it was the end of days,
my heart becoming stone,
my body clay,
until you came and chose to stay.

Those before you,
would only wittle away.
Sculptors or vultures,
they’d leave dust and grey.
So when you approached,
I expected the same.
Another tamer looking for artists to claim.

Sweat dripping from your brow,
I can see you giving your best.
Taking your time,
I peeked not expecting much to be left.

You added a crown,
gave me wisdom and strength.
Wrapped me in a cape of your love,
gave my legs extra length.
Now I’m a giant,
capable and complete.
You don’t see what is needed,
you add to my beat.
Broke me free of my tomb,
and by my side we will reign.

January 18th Forever.

“Only the strongest woman alive,
can survive,
losing her mom on the same day she arrived.
Cruely you have to be stronger,
she had you wrapped in love for decades,
before she left our eyes.

I’m here to tell you,
that you are.

Eternally her star will always rise,
shining light,
on your path to thrive.

She loves you. We all do.”

“12:58 am”

“At the right time in the wrong place.

Not sure what my issue is.
Why my head bounced off the diving board,
into the deep end.

Seems like I’m back now,
but the heart is so capable.

One instant you’re moving thru life;
train’s chugging along,
coasting thru the turns,

and then your heart shows up.

Out goes the conductor,
now your train has officially gone rouge.

Love is truly my greatest, and the greatest, inspiration.

Novels will be written about you,
your memory will never die, that’s a promise.

Until then,
never change,
I already love you how you are.”©