“3 am”

“Sparked from the mind,
Of a spirit more insightful than mine.

Is perception reality?
What is existence?

Ask yourselves,
If the the eyes can lie,
Is there such thing as real?
What does it mean to touch or feel?

Everything I thought I knew
Is slowly erased by the cognitive dissonance of false and true.
Don’t let a fear of taboo,
Cage our ideas of what we thought, and knew.”©


3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 3

“Self preservation is easily obtained once self belief is firmly established.”

“Our existence is a line of fantastic happenstance, which we must overcome to succeed and accomplish our dreams.”

“Find solace within your own comfort, The magic will do the rest.”

“Wisdom is impartial, without practical application.”


The quote challenge has come to an end and it’s a tad bittersweet. Over the last few days I’ve read some of the most enlightening and prophetic ideas I can remember and it has been very enjoyable. 

Again I’d like to thank Kintal and NegativeThinker for there nominations, I can’t show my appreciation enough. For the final day I’ve decided to post some of my best quotes and challenge each and everyone of you, myself included; to aspire, inspire and believe. We are all capable of changing the world.