“Today’s the Day”

“My world has been upended for the last time.
I’ll never block out love,
but it’s no longer so divine.

My present is bright,
My future glows,
It’s time to capture it all I suppose.

Been waiting,
been lazy,
been complacent,
and hazy,
but it stops now.

Not her, not you,
nobody can stop,
what I was destined to do.

Because it’s genuine and true.”©


“Case Closed”

“The last little bit,
has been clipped.

Why? How?
Guess that’s not for me to understand.
Probably as basic,
as I’m not what you want in a man.

I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for,
and thank you for properly closing the door.
God bless,
I wish you a life of no stress.

Who knows, who cares.
Clearly you don’t,
so why should I?
Obviously closure,
means nothing to you.”©


“Oshos’ Lessons”

“Lips flapping in the breeze,
determined to bring my world,
to its’ knees.
I successfully made my blessing,
see its’ curse.
Determined to turn the gift of us,
into the worst.

and childish,
it’s my fault,
only person to blame is myself.
I threw mountains of fire,
and rage,
at my greatest help.

Quiet now,
sitting back,
taking it all in.
Stuck questioning,
why, there’s no win in the end.”©


5:19am. – A Masterpiece

I thought it was the end of days,
my heart becoming stone,
my body clay,
until you came and chose to stay.

Those before you,
would only wittle away.
Sculptors or vultures,
they’d leave dust and grey.
So when you approached,
I expected the same.
Another tamer looking for artists to claim.

Sweat dripping from your brow,
I can see you giving your best.
Taking your time,
I peeked not expecting much to be left.

You added a crown,
gave me wisdom and strength.
Wrapped me in a cape of your love,
gave my legs extra length.
Now I’m a giant,
capable and complete.
You don’t see what is needed,
you add to my beat.
Broke me free of my tomb,
and by my side we will reign.