“The reality of the world and the illusions of our spirit and mind, do a dance of balance each and every day. To understand this is to understand that perception isn’t always reality. Critical thinking, rationalization and patience are vital skills for surviving both the mega and the mercurial.”


“Timely Truth”

“It hurt at first, I must admit.

A constant shrieking,
stabbing itself into the heart of my reality.
Brutalizing every attempt of conscious progress.

But as time passed,
the idea had nothing left to destroy.
With that came an incoherent peace,
as pure as peace of mind.

All clocks that begin,
eventually must end.
Find peace.”©



“At this point it’s ingrained.

That tiny fire,
consistently stoked, always on guard.
Ready to spark and engulf at any time.

To be black in this country means to be in a perpetual state of anger.
Not because of a learned hatred,
but a created one.

Moulded and shaped by a system built on the mind, back and brain of people who look like me. A false superiority founded in envy.

My kings and brothers,
poked and prodded to fight each other from day one.

My queens and sisters,
experiencing an evil no man in history has ever known.
It can never be extinguished.

Not until that unimaginable day when European and American oppressors not only acknowledge,

But correct,

The atrocities inflicted on a people they never even knew existed.
Whose roots were so beautiful they had to be touched. 

No that fire will never go away.
That is what you wanted,
this is what you got.”©