Strength of our Weakness

I used to think strength was the absence of weakness. Strength is the acceptance of vulnerabilities and the beauty of their comfort.

Weakness is only what we allow to be perceived as a negative. Weakness is the strength of what we allow. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It’s cliche but our weaknesses are what allow us to be strong.


“Since conception humanity has been confused.
More animal than God.
Less God than plants.

Brains created by cross wiring,
Uncertain of our place in the universe,
Yet confident conquerors of our planet.

We have those who live to love,
and those who love to live.

Some who are so good it seems evil,
Other’s wearing the cape of good masking their evil.

We are such an encompassing and captivating species.
Capable of almost anything, so I sit here and ask.

What happened? What’s happening?
Why do we all seem to see,
But no one wants to hear.”©