Profound Statement

Why does society frown towards its most popular secrets?

Burying them deep within the most foul circumstances never to see the light of day? Always battling “the bad” while praising “the good.” Thats not called righteousness, it’s called a double standard.  Pretending something doesn’t exist never makes it disappear.

If anything suppressing a secret ensures it’ll bubble over. Taboo for you is daily life for someone else. 

Always keep your heart honest and your mind open so nothing, man or woman, can play you stupid.

Sunday muses part. 2.

i also want to make this blogging experience more interactive. I enjoy writing of course, but without any feedback it all feels a bit meh

Whenever I post anything, especially something technical, understand I’ve done research but I’m no professional. Just a man voicing his opinions and interests.

Not only do I enjoy knowledge. I encourage it. Learning something new is always a gratifying experience. Only bettered by teaching someone something they didn’t know. 

It’s all circular. I’m a writer posing as a poet to keep his mind sharp for nothing more than to enjoy the writing and learning experience. 

Unless the future holds something greater who knows anyways,

Enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone.