Life Stuff

“The growth,
and development of simply:complex.
A journey of self,
A road trip of unproperly proper understanding.

A quest for knowledge,
absorbed in unlearning and learning thru experience.

Hearing the true rhythm
and not only accepting, but embracing,
the unknown.

Most importantly though,
appreciating that this adventure is coming to an end.
Loose ends are being clipped or cleaned and I’m anxious for the future.

The possibilities.
The potential of action,
combined with passion.”© 


“Old Flame”

“Her thighs were my life.

Pulling every fantasy out of my imagination, and into our passionate reality.

Every kiss,
a new flame igniting us.

I miss the warmth of her brown-eyed stare,
drowning me with each thrust.

She may have known others,
but none like me.

I miss being deep inside,
the moans both whispered and screamed into each ear.

An inferno between my queens legs,
engulfing me,
into serenity.”©


“Tikas Tale of Self-Actualization”

“Unsure where to start,
because starts one day end,
so over and over I’ll begin and begin.

Obsessed in her beauty,
I assumed like the rest.
Pompous and artificial,
another empty quest.

Until her first words hit me,
I saw everything I ever wanted to see.
In that exact moment,
I saw a reflection of me.

Another misunderstood creation,
of this universal station.

Deeper than senses,
worth more than the sum of their parts.”©