“Old Flame”

“Her thighs were my life.

Pulling every fantasy out of my imagination, and into our passionate reality.

Every kiss,
a new flame igniting us.

I miss the warmth of her brown-eyed stare,
drowning me with each thrust.

She may have known others,
but none like me.

I miss being deep inside,
the moans both whispered and screamed into each ear.

An inferno between my queens legs,
engulfing me,
into serenity.”©


“Tikas Tale of Self-Actualization”

“Unsure where to start,
because starts one day end,
so over and over I’ll begin and begin.

Obsessed in her beauty,
I assumed like the rest.
Pompous and artificial,
another empty quest.

Until her first words hit me,
I saw everything I ever wanted to see.
In that exact moment,
I saw a reflection of me.

Another misunderstood creation,
of this universal station.

Deeper than senses,
worth more than the sum of their parts.”©



“Since conception humanity has been confused.
More animal than God.
Less God than plants.

Brains created by cross wiring,
Uncertain of our place in the universe,
Yet confident conquerors of our planet.

We have those who live to love,
and those who love to live.

Some who are so good it seems evil,
Other’s wearing the cape of good masking their evil.

We are such an encompassing and captivating species.
Capable of almost anything, so I sit here and ask.

What happened? What’s happening?
Why do we all seem to see,
But no one wants to hear.”©