“Somehow we allow it to evanesce.
Allowing our creative space,
to be replaced,
with unnecessary knowledge,
and fevered haste.

No more day dreaming about a gorgeous full moon,
or concert performances over a blue lagoon.
No creating your own superhero world,
or casually talking to that dyslexic squirrel Earl.

The imagination has been deemed surplus.
Apparently time in your own heads,
isn’t for commoners like us.
Only knowing what time to catch the graveyard bus,
and the lifeless droll,
of soulless dust.”©


“White Moth”


“Maybe it was my approach,
Handling business like a bumbling roach.
Instead of the incredible white moth that I am.
Molded new wings and learned to flap again.

Can’t believe I was ever so down.
Incredible how a new perspective will reverse your frown.
The white moth is me and I am it.
Progressive, nocturnal, blessed enough to forget.

Taking old ideas, reliving them in new ways.
Transforming vulnerability into succesful days.”


“Minds Eye”

“Its funny how your minds eye,
Is more alive, when there’s youth inside.

Age is but a number, don’t let it force a youthful nature into slumber.
Otherwise that youth inside slowly dies, your bill collectors influence begins to rise.

Blinding your natural opulence,
With the system’s hand crafted decadence.”



“The light breaking thru.

My eyes,
So accustomed to the darkness.
That light has me on edge,
Every nerve firing confused perception.

How do I adjust,
Leave the comfort of the shadows and embrace?
Or allow the rays to shine on me slowly.

Hesitant, afraid and curious,
Think I’ll jump in headfirst.

No time for questions,
When you’re hunting for solutions.”



“Why do we want the things we can’t have?
Why is settling such a drag?
Why don’t people answer the important questions?
Why is slander part of every election?
Why do you have to hate to truly understand love?
Why’d humanity denounce the man above?

Why? Because those choices were made for us. By idealists who feed off feeble minded trust.  So keep giving into every bullshit answer. Letting decision makers treat you like a cancer.”